Thursday, 28 May 2009

Which Beans Be's The Best? - Review

As you may or may not know... I LIKE BEANZ!!!!

But which beans are the best beans? I shall now re-review the beans I have eaten.

HEINZ: They are the most famous of the beans brands. They come in a pretty green packaging, come in packs of 4 and are manufactured by elephants in the jungles of Cambodia (see below for more information) so that's a plus (fair trade and all that). But they are a little bit grainy/gritty when cooked. That's a big no-no. 3/5

Branston Beans: I was sceptical about these beans at first. But after i tried them I realised that they totally shat all over Heinz. Comes in a shiny silver packaging and has a ring pull for ease of opening. They, like Heinz, come in packs of 4, however they are a little more expensive then Heinz. But you can taste where that extra few pennies went. 3.5/5

Tesco's Own: For cheap beans, Tesco tastes goooooood. They are affordable and come in packs of 6. That's like a can a day!!! (We don't eat beans on Tuesdays because that's forbidden). Cooks quickly too. Nice Heinz-esque green packaging too, it shows what the beans look like (in case you are a retard). 5/5

Co'op's Own: Flavour similar to Tesco's but they need to cook longer in order to be the right temp. Their packaging is a bit crap too. It's just white and blue. BUT the can can (can-can lol) be opened via the RING PULL LID!!!! So less time is needed in putting the beans into the bowl. Overall, good beans. Not great, but good. 4/5

Sainsbury's Own
: Sainsburys costs an arm and a leg so to purchase a few cans of those beans would make one physically handicapped for the duration of one's life. Best to avoid Sainsburys if its beans you require to move and type and do all sorts of things you like doing. But if their beans are like their chicken kormas.... None the less... 2.5/5


Get your beans from Tesco's! You get more cans for your money. If there is no Tesco in your country.. may Emily have mercy on your soul.

*insert cheesy grin with spoonful of Tesco beans pic here*

Original Myspace post : Tuesday, February 13, 2007. Updated on re post for rewording.

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