Sunday, 11 July 2010

Tha 3 Pigz n Tha Big Bo$$ Dogg

Once upon a time in the ghetto there was a Dogg. The Dogg's name was Snoopy. Snoopy was tha boss of his gang. The gang owned a special plant. This plant made everybody happy and took all their troubles away.

Across town lived the 3 Pigs. The Pigs were fat and smelled of coffee. They heard about this plant and wanted to take it from Snoopy. One day they came up with a clever plan to steal the plant. They pretended to be Doggs to get into Snoopy's gang then stole it when he least expected it.

When Snoopy realised that the Pigs took his plant he was very mad. He chased the pigs back to their homes. But he didn't know which pig took the plant. So he decided to try all 3 of the houses.

Snoopy peered into the window of the first pig's house. What he saw shocked him so much he fell backwards. The pig was beating on a black dog and calling him mean names.
"Oh Hell Naw!!!" Yelled Snoopy. He had seen enough. Grabbing a nearby brick he broke the window and told the pig off for abusing that black dog. Then he blew the pig away using his powerful bark.
"Thank you" Said the dog.
"Your welcome" replied Snoopy, but I have to get mah plant back, you down?
"Of course, you saved my live" said the dog quickly. "My name is Nate"
"Well Nate" said Snoopy "we heading next door to see if that pig has my plant"

The Doggz headed to the second pig's house .They peered through a window. What they saw was more shocking then in the first house. The pig was beating on his kids and had popped his wife.
"Oh Hell Naw!!!" Yelled Snoopy, as he and Nate Dogg bust into the house and blew this pig away too.

Nate stayed behind to look after the kids while Snoopy snuck upto the last pig's house. Snoop decided to just break into this house as he knew his plant was in here. Sure enough, it was. The pig was caught enjoying the plant. Snoopy looked mad at first, but then he said
"Hey man, if this plant gives you as much joy as it does me, then it's cool. Why don't we all share?"
"That's not a bad idea, maaaan" Said the pig, who was really happy.

Snoopy called in Nate Dogg and all of his gang to join them in the Pig's house, where they all enjoyed the plant.

And they all lived happily ever after... until Snoopy blew away the pig and said

"Ain't no way any pig muthafucka stealing my weed"

The Moral of the story is this... don't get involved with drugs

Original Xanga Post date 22nd April 2006

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